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Nature's Sunshine Silver Shield

Nature's Sunshine Silver Shield

SKU: 09904049505

Silver Shield Gel Benefits:


  • Cleanses, purifies and moisturizes skin
  • Aqua Sol Technology is a patented process that features a more stable and bioavailable silver particle.
  • Is non-toxic; poses no risk of heavy metal contamination
  • Provides 20 ppm of bioavailable silver


How Silver Shield Gel Works:


Silver Shield Daily Purifying Cleansing Gel is for recurrent daily use and has been shown to be an effective cleaning agent, promoting natural hydration and moisturizing the skin. Silver Shield is manufactured with Bioavailable Aqua Sol Technology, which utilizes only the finest particle-size silver to ensure maximum bioavailability and efficiency.  Silver Shield Gel is made with food-grade ingredients, contains no alcohol and is safe for children.


Silver Shield Gel Ingredients:

Silver Shield solution [purified water, silver (20 ppm)]

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